Fondation A Stichting
The Fondation A Stichting
presents the exhibition

L'Amérique Latine Éraflée

from 6 March to 27 June 2021
© Pablo Ortiz Monasterio
Volando bajo, Mexico, 1989
© Pablo Ortiz Monasterio

The world is undergoing a period of great change.
It will never be the same as before.
Back to core values is
What kind of world will we be passing on
to our children?
A “Latin America in Tatters”?

Astrid Ullens de Schooten Whettnall


The tattered walls of crumbling architecture, in Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Cuba and Mexico, festooned with saltpetre, bear the weight of time and political advocacy.

Stones torn from ancient civilisations, stripped of their polychromy, have formed a modernist utopia, but neither urban fantasies nor revolutions have saved Latin America, damaged by the violence.

The first revolution of the 20th century, in Mexico, fails on the ‘dictablanda’ of a hegemonic institutional Revolutionary party. The hopes of the Cuban Revolution, several decades later, sinks into disillusionment. Elsewhere on the continent, attempts at democracy are swept away by dictatorship or civil war. The informal economy is fuelled by drug trafficking, financing the guerrillas and permeates down to State apparatus.

Non-egalitarian societies harbour broken dreams. On decrepit walls, political campaign slogans fester in torn layers of posters. Lima never sleeps, prostitutes in Buenaventura squander their youth in the sleepy sultriness of the Pacific coast, mothers and their children survive in the darkness of the prisons of La Plata. On the outskirts of Santiago, transvestites try to thwart being rounded up by the military, while in Mexico they blend in with wild counterculture nights.

These photographs, scratched, slit or torn, haunted by the wounds of a continent, outline the shape of an oppressed landscape.

Alexis Fabry


With the works of: David Consuegra, Pablo Ortiz Monasterio, Luz Maria Bedoya, Fernell Franco, Facundo de Zuviría, Paz Errázuriz, Fernando La Rosa, Adriana Lestido, Miguel Ángel Rojas, Juan Travnik, Luc Chessex, Pablo López Luz, François Dolmetsch, Johanna Calle, Agustín Martínez Castro, Paolo Gasparini, Óscar Pintor, Graciela Iturbide, Sergio Trujillo, Jaime Villaseca.

The Foundation A Stichting has joined forces with Toluca Editions to publish the catalogue of the exhibition L'Amérique Latine Éraflée.
Curators of the exhibition: Alexis Fabry and Astrid Ullens de Schooten Whettnall

© Adriana Lestido
Untitled, series Mujeres Presas, Cárcel N° 8 de Los Hornos, La Plata, Argentine, 1991-1993
© Adriana Lestido
 © Fernando La Rosa
Ventana XXVI. La Perla, Callao, Peru, 1976
© Fernando La Rosa
 © Graciela Iturbide
The Chickens, Juchitán, Mexique, 1979
© Graciela Iturbide
© Óscar Pintor
Libertad 1212, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1982
© Óscar Pintor
© Jaime Villaseca
Series of Closures, Santiago, Chile, 1978
© Jaime Villaseca
© Jaime Villaseca
Series of Closures, Santiago, Chile, 1978
© Jaime Villaseca
©François Dolmetsch
Untitled, Colombia, 1979
©François Dolmetsch

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Fondation A Stichting

In October 2012, the Fondation A Stichting opened its doors in south Brussels on the site of the former Bata factories. Created upon the initiative of Astrid Ullens de Schooten, and recognized as a promoting the public interest, it has a vocation to support the creation, knowledge, and preservation of the photographic image. 

The Fondation is settled in a formerly industrial area of the town which has gradually been transformed into a residential neighborhood with many sites devoted to artistic creation. As a cultural actor, the Fondation’s desire is to participate in the life of this neighborhood. A genuine platform devoted to the photographic image, the Fondation A Stichting also works toward forming partnerships for exhibition and book projects organized in collaboration with Belgian and international cultural institutions.

© Lee Friedlander, Courtesy Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco Galerie Thomas Zander, Cologne
Lee Friedlander, A, 1978-1979
© Lee Friedlander, Courtesy Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco Galerie Thomas Zander, Cologne


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